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Monday, May 14, 2012

Venturer 2 Berth Campervan

The Venturer offers the comfort of an apartment on wheels with extras such as a versatile bed & living area set up, the largest bed in the industry, external slide-out BBQ, loads of storage plus a screen & DVD player. Child seats and Booster seats can not be fitted to this vehicle due to a front passenger airbag. Children under the age of 5 can not travel in this vehicle. We understand these moulds were then acquired by Seawind Catamarans and stretched to the 38 and 44 ft versions available currently. This boat underwent a refit of ALL mechanical and electrical systems as well as a new interior fitout in 2007 for private/pleasure use. This means that all equipment listed below was installed and commissioned in that year. This includes all engine, drive, and steering equipment, helm instruments, electrical items, wiring, circuit breaker panel, pumps, toilet, clears, foam mattresses, BBQ, etc. Engines/drives were installed by qualified shipwrights and all electrical work by electrician. Only quality brands and equipment used.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Advantages Of VW Campervan

The VW campervan based on pioneered the use of side-loading doors that allowed access from the rear. The 1951 model featured 21 or 23 windows including skylights, a canvas sunroof, paint and chrome trim and full instrument panel including a clock. Factory modified 80 different model body configurations. The most memorable among them became the camper. Two forward-facing benches were replaced with a single bench that could fold down to a double bed. Two seats that faced rearward and the seats offered supplementary comfort cabinets and a mirrored closet offered space for storage in the. Next to the door, a miniature kitchen including a sink and refrigerator offered possibilities for basic food preparation. Some VW Camper Vans included tents or awnings that could extend the available living space.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Advantages Of Wendekreisen Koru 2 Berth Campers

koru campervan

The Wendekreisen Koru 2 berth hitop campervan convinces by a comfortable layout and also easy to handling on the road. It offers for a large and comfortable bed with ample storage for two people. The features include a porta potti toilet, gas stove, sink and hot & cold running water. The extendable tap can be used as an outdoor shower. A power saving 12 Volt fridge gives you the freedom to camp up to 48 hours off the beaten track. This model is built in our very own factory in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leading camper van interiors in companies

Interior is the main part in the campervan .The best interior will give you the majestic appearance. The led light interior will give you the massive look to the van. The architectural design and the wooden style will give the effect of best styling in the van.

camper van interiors
The split screen will give you the passionate look to the van with fabulous decorations. The furniture is constructed by LED super sonic comfort in styling that will reinventing you the best of look hotly.

The surfaces of the car are architectural designed .The curtains are stiched with matching the floor surface and also the interior which matching style of best leading technologies.

The interior decorations are varied from one van to another. All the van has no same decorations. They have decorations with extraordinary comforts. When you are ready to hire the camper van you first look the interior and the comforts you will get from the holiday fun after that you book the van happily.

You can also call the customer care for more details regarding the comforts and the benefits you got it from this type of vans. They will give you clear details .You can arrange the camper vanof your choice by clearly telling the budget that you prefer to move on they will get you call the details regarding the comforts and facilities.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Used camper van for better travelling

Used camper van is the best transportation now in this new generation. Buyers who love to get a best travelling comfort. This is a right van for travelling with safety.

There are many used vans with different models that provide best travel. In the same way motor homes are called as camper van.

Well built sleeping facility, bathroom, attached luxury vans are the main features. Interior in this car is very beautiful and smooth. Leather seats, comfortable leader chair and fiberglass will make an awesome look to the car.

The van storage gives you larger capacity and larger comfort. Many best car companies make through these cars for best service .The company offers your travelling guarantee to a great extent.

In the online you can choose the best car of your choice. If you are satisfied with the car you can take it to your home ands enjoy. Classic cars with low prices are the most attractive feature in camper van

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eco friendly Volkswagen Westfalia Verdier:

Camper van is the safest way to travel even in long distance. The Volkswagen Westfalia Verdier is the main idea to make the best camper van comfort.

This car was designed by Industrial designer Alexandre Verdiar. He has made an excellent design with solar panels which is said to be a new version.

This is make the optimal solution of the GPS to calculate the sun exposure, sliding doors and swivel cook range to cook inside with safety.

The car is designed with the entire best interiors that are very attractive. The facilities that you get from here are very comfortable and safe. It has the best Hybrid energy with all best models.

The car looks very elegant which can be used for good travelling in all the places of Europe. The latest technology embedded in the car is the main advantage of the camper van.teh machine is constructed by solar power it is the dream treat to all the car lovers.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Safety way of travelling in Kiwi camper van

The kiwi camper van provides you the best of raveling in New Zealand. You can rent a camper van or motor home from this company. The perfect way to make the place comfortable is done by camper van .In this you will get all the facilities at a very low cost.

kiwi camper van
There are many wide ranges of products available in the online you can select the best one as your fish. In many van they provide you Kitchen, BBQ, shower, toilet, and washing machines.

In this information will be given in details they will provide insurance, 24 hours emergency service, Airport to returning of vehicles, lower cost, Travel information will be given to make your journey perfect.

Maps will be provided so that with the help of that you can move to many places as you like. Driving safely is very important in New Zealand so perfect driving with care will be given for you.

Extraordinary flooring, fabulous bedroom and well comfortable journey are the main factors of camper van from our company. We even arrange the best of tickets for your retuning.

No customer will forget our service. We have regular customer who come all the year with great excitement. You can place an order in the online as well as call the customer care service to get all the details.